Gothic Paris

Welcome to Paris in the 12th-13th centuries, Gothic Stained Glassthe reign of the Capetian kings, and the era of the Gothic style.

Through this map, explore the Parisian streets of around 1292, recreated based on tex records and other documents.

Enter the distinct quarters of the Left Bank, Ile de la Cité, and Right Bank to study the streets in detail. Navigate through the map by dragging your mouse to move the map. Click on the names and elevations of key sites to learn more. Student projects focused on different sites, people, and aspects of daily life appear on the map as various medieval icons.

To leave the enlarged map and return to the general view, click on the gray area on the margins of the map.

The “organum” music of Pérotin (c. 1160-1230), one of the great masters innovating in polyphony at Notre Dame, will play in the background. It may be muted by clicking the button at the top left of the map.


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